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What is a reborn baby? It is a manufactured vinyl doll, customized to look like a real-life human baby. This act is known as reborning, as referred to by some artists as living dolls or unliving dolls.

These dolls have some of its perks like never pooping or throwing up, you might be a woman who is young and not ready to have a baby yet, but you need some ‘parenting stimulation’ this is the doll for you.

Below are a few tips on how to take care of a reborn baby boy or girl:

Choose Your Perfect Reborn Baby Boy or Girl

1) Treat it as a Real Baby

Just like a real baby you should buy baby items such as diapers, clothes, wipes, baby bottle and much more for your reborn baby. This is like a preparation stage, but do not spend too much on the items as it is still a non-living thing. Remember! Do not forget to choose the sex of your baby.

2) Delivery of the Baby

Yes, the baby has arrived and now it is time to unbox it with a few other requirements; Filling the birth certificate and giving the baby a name. After that you check if your baby has any scratch or wound, if not you can dress it depending on the gender.

3) Care for the Baby

You can choose to wash the baby up to make sure they are clean, give them a bottle or make them have a long nap.

This must be done routinely; you should also teach yourself to be spending time with the reborn by holding and sitting with them.

You must be confident and comfortable!! To make it look serious and avoid neglecting of the baby, you should create a scheduled timetable on when to feed or wash them.

4) Giving the Baby Fresh Air

It is not a real baby, but giving it a bit of fresh air can be nice sometimes too, that include taking it out for a stroll, and it is not a must you show it to your family and friends if you are not yet comfortable with it just yet.

Tips on How to Choose Your Perfect Reborn Baby

  • Size: It depends on the baby size you want, some might want a cuddly baby while others a chunkier one. Size matters because in the end, it will affect how you bond with your baby and also the clothing size.
  • Eyes: They exist in a wider variety of sleeping baby, wide awake and open-eyed ones; it all depends on with your preference. Some might find it creepy having a baby with eyes wide open, while other love looking at their eyes.
  • Arms and legs: Similar to real babies they have an arm and leg structure, to get a variety you should research first before buying.
  • Hair: The types include; No hair baby, painted hair baby, rooted hair baby or a wigged baby, at the end it all depend on what you like.

In conclusion, these babies help one to prepare them on when they will be having a live baby. It may seem odd at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will realize how helpful of an experience it is.