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Babies are supposed to play with dolls. But if the doll itself looks like a real baby then, it seems great. You can make for your baby by yourself.

To make such realistic dolls, you have to do some real work. Below here, a short description on the dolls and fabrication is given. Look through it to make one for your baby.

These dolls are made to resemble the real babies. Most people make mistakes to consider them as real one at first glance. Skin, hands, legs, eyes, hair, lips, and other parts of the doll resemble a real baby.

You can call them Bodo dolls. They are known as unliving dolls as well.

realistic baby doll girl kiss

Are All the Lifelike Baby Dolls of the Same Kind?

There are so many types of them that you can’t just pick them up and categorize. Some common types are given here.

  • Smiling reborn dolls
  • Some reborn who seem to play with legs
  • Some seem as they are clapping
  • Some are found holding a book and reading like a wise kid
  • Some are just sitting thinking
  • Sleeping reborn dolls are also there
  • Some seem with their expressive face that they are happy seeing you.

Like all these, there are millions of poses of the real infant that may found on a reborn baby doll. Each doll differs from other ones combining looks and actions. They are available as lifelike baby girls and boys.

How to Make Lifelike Baby Dolls?

There are several steps to make the lifelike baby dolls including collecting parts, processing to make them look like a real infant and assembling them. You just need to follow the simple steps described below here.

Consider Buying Lifelike Baby kits

You should purchase a reborn kit to make your very first reborn baby doll. You will get them with different colors and poses. Some companies offer reborn kits with a video tutorial of assembling them.

The kit contains almost every part you need including a head, arms, legs, body, dress and sometimes a vinyl plate. If something is missing, you need to buy them separately.

Each kit contains at least one unique feature. It may be the size, pose, or color. You can purchase a reborn baby girl or boy kit as per your wish.

Other Supplies Which May Not be Included in Doll Kit

To make a Lifelike Baby Dolls, you must need more parts other than head, legs, arms or body. You need to buy eyes, eyelashes, paint, hair, outfits and stuffing kits.

If the kit you have purchased doesn’t hold these items, you need to buy them separately. They are affordable and easy to adjust.

Now Jump Into Making Your Lifelike Baby Doll

  1. First, you need to wash all the parts and let them dry.
  2. Then you need to do the veining at the required areas such as back, hand, throat, and feet. In this case, you can take help from a baby’s picture to know where the veins should be drawn.
  3. Now you need to arrange a baking sheet and line it with a dishtowel. Then place the body parts into the towel. Put the dish into the oven and keep there for about eight minutes at 260 – 265 degrees of temperature.
  4. Let them cool.
  5. Now you need to apply a thin layer of coating of flesh color to the necessary parts. And bake again as per the previous direction.
  6. Then prepare the hair which should be about 3 inches, so cut them to that length. Then set the hair into the scalp with glue then style as you want. Place the eyelashes with glue with doll’s head as well.
  7. Assemble the doll parts. Now you can some making up work on the doll to make it look more realistic.
  8. Then you can dress the reborn. Now the reborn is ready to play with your newborn.

You can buy these baby dolls from online shops such as Amazon, but they are available at market or fairs as well. These dolls may seem expensive, so the easiest and cheapest way to have it to make it at home. The reborn kits are also available online and offline.