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The ultra-realistic silicone baby dolls provide unexplained fun experience to baby lovers. Parenting the baby doll is much similar to parenting a real baby.

Although they are not real, they require baby items such as clothing, blankets, diapers, stroller car seat and sometimes even fake formula milk. You should not overspend on your baby doll because they are not living, and don’t have any feeling.

Reborns need careful handling, storage and maintenance for looking as beautiful and lifelike. Here are some instructions for taking care of reborn.

how to take care of your baby doll

Storing & Handling

Silicone dolls are different from regular one, and they should be treated differently with special care. They are made to survive in your home environment, and they can be stored in any place for living in your home.

They can sleep in mommy’s bed or their bassinet. Most of the reborn baby doll are made up of vinyl so they can bear only average temperatures. Vinyl can soften and melt when exposed to heat for a longer time such as in front of the heater or in the backseat of the car.

These vinyl dolls may crack when they get too cold. Your baby doll will also not appreciate if you put it in excessive direct sunlight, and its color may get faded.

Don’t be rough to your reborn and don’t toss them around. If damaged, this could cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on which type of doll you have. In General, you should handle your reborn doll with utmost care.

Cleaning the Doll

The dust and dirt may accumulate on your baby doll. The buildups of the dust will start damaging the color and integrity of your reborn slowly. Try not to give a bath to your baby doll as water is harmful to the stuffing of the doll.

For basic cleaning, use a soft brush or feather to remove the dust on the surface. To deep clean, it, remove the clothing of baby doll as it is in birthday suit. Once your baby is buck-naked, take a towel slightly wet with warm water and wipe down your reborn gently from head to toe.

You may also use a non-toxic soap or detergent to lather away stubborn stains. Avoid excessive scrubbing it may produce scratches on reborn’s body. Wipe the body with a dry towel and put its clothes back once it’s clean.

Baby Doll Hair Care

The hair of your doll is delicate, and they require tender love and care to maintain them for years to come. Keeping and maintaining the hair tangle-fee is quite a job for reborn parents.

Whether your baby has mohair or another type of doll hair; it requires proper brushing. You need a baby brush or a soft bristle toothbrush for brushing reborn’s hair. Avoid hard brushes because they can pull off their hair.

You can also wash the hair of your silicone baby, but with special care. You can apply baby shampoo and leave-in conditioner to make their hair shiny and fresh.