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I am not seriously fond of baby dolls before, even in my kids days, I didn’t seek pleasure having fun with them. What exactly I’m saying is that I may have played with dolls.

I caressed them, clothed them up, and also manipulated them to some particular amusing positions, yeah I did for the sake of having fun with my friends.

Even so, compared with my playmates, I really could never envision becoming happy, or eager to put my hands on them. Dolls were simply not my thing all through days past you know. I don’t know why, but it’s simply the way things were.

how to have fun with silicone baby doll

A Special Gift

It’s been that way until this past year. It was February 14, an average valentine’s day in high school.

My friends were quite restless since morning that day, while others even the day before; not so sure who’s going to date, who’s going to give to them love letters, who will offer them gifts if ever, exactly what gifts they’d have.

I as well, experience similar feelings that day.

Many of my friends, as customary received typical chocolate, flower combo from those possessing personal feelings for them, many others customized love letters, quite a few movie passes for two, and much more other stuff.

But what caught the interest of everybody that day was the present given to me by Jake, a classmate way back in grade school. It was a superbly packaged cardboard box about one and a half feet long, a foot wide and about half a foot high.

Everyone pondered what’s inside the box. To everyone’s surprise, when I gradually uncover the box, a truly charming silicone baby doll was there. “A baby?” says everybody who cannot believe what they just behold.

A Lifelike Baby Doll

Not knowing how I ought to respond to the surprise I’ve got and also to the overwhelming responses of my friends, I just said to Jake “Thanks, Jake, it’s truly nice, love it.” Jake smiled in reply being unsure of what to say.

This was not the first time I saw this realistic baby doll, but I never believed dolls can get as fantastic and beautiful as the newborn doll presented to me by Jake. He told me that her auntie crafted it specifically for me.

He added that she’s a doll hobbyist and a professional doll artist, the one who produces reborn baby dolls.

Her auntie has already been engaging in this for a significant time already. Reborning hasn’t mainly been her craft but a pleasant livelihood too. She produces reborn baby dolls for purchases by colleagues, neighbors, as well as for folks on the net.

Cleaning up the New Baby Doll

I have to take away all of the paint and smudges or make-ups from the doll. Although my baby doll seems paint-free, I’m surprised at how much “flesh tone” paint I will need to remove.

I apply some pure acetone on it, which is safe and leaves no oil excess on my baby doll’s skin.

Cotton balls or the round cotton make-up pads are very useful for this purpose. Saturate it with the paint remover and gently wipe in a downward motion where I see the paint.

I like to make my doll look uniformly washed so that I work on the rest of the baby doll’s body. You can never tell where the manufacturer might have put a little flush.

Have Fun with the Baby Doll

When I have totally get rid of all the factory paint, it is time for me baby doll’s “bubble bath”. This process removes and washes off any acetone excess and dirt that will be gathered in every little crease on my doll.

I will just need to wash it with a soft baby soap liquefied in lukewarm water. I mix the bath solution to create more bubbles for a fun, realistic baby bubble bath.