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I have seen many lifelike baby dolls throughout the years, but nothing can be compared to silicone baby dolls, they can mislead pretty much anyone as they look just like a real baby.

You might think that it is an actual baby if you see one of them in a retail store. In many cases, Police has witnessed baby dolls in an unattended car and have broken window of the car to ‘rescue’ the babies.

Many different kinds of realistic baby dolls are known as reborn dolls. The most popular one are those that are made by artists such as Linda Webb, Waltraud Hanl Hush, Linda Murray, etc. They are the experts in baby doll industry, and they are popularly known as ‘reborners.’

Recommended Products

Best Silicone Baby Doll by Master Artist Sherry Rawn

Sherry Rawn Poseable Baby Girl Doll

I just really like this baby doll, and very delighted by the master doll artist Sherry Rawn.

I love her lovely hair, skin, nails and lashes; I’m impressed at how realistic she seems to be

It also comes with a baby cloth. She is not a toy for children. Instead, she is a high-quality collectible for baby doll enthusiasts.

Denise Farmer Best Reborn Baby Doll

Denise Farmer Lifelike Vinyl Baby Doll

I like to see the peaceful and sweet face of this sleeping baby doll which is made by master doll artist Denise Farmer.

This baby is a masterwork from ‘So Truly Real’ collection of silicone baby that is well known for their high-quality dolls.

This doll features a hospital bracelet and a pacifier; you can even customize it if you give this baby a name.

Adora High-quality Realistic Baby Doll

Adora Red Hair Green Eyes Baby Boy Doll

This lifelike baby boy has red hair and green eyes that are so adorable.

I am amazed at the ability of the doll artist to make such a lovely doll. He is a perfect doll for children over 6

This gorgeous silicone baby boy doll is confirmed to captivate you for a long time and you will always hold him in your arms.

Cute Little Peanut Baby Doll Made By Tasha Edenholm

Tasha Edenholm Little Peanut Baby Doll

This baby is created by master doll artist Tasha Edenholm

It is like a real baby when you are watching his eyes.

The adorable facial expression of the doll will make you smile and feel the warmth time after time.

What Exactly are Silicone Baby Dolls?

As you can see from the photo, these lifelike baby dolls have a realistic skin, capillary vessels, and visible veins, you may even feel very real to the touch.

Additionally, a regular silicone reborn baby has realistic eyelashes, hair, toe nails, finger nails, and facial expressions; you can even feel the breathing actions and heartbeat in some of them.

Although they are very precious collectibles unlike the regular toys, some of them are created for children who know the care required.

Difference Between Reborn Dolls and Lifelike dolls

Although there is many similarities between them and the terms are frequently used exchangeably, Reborn Dolls are usually more refined than the other types. Lifelike dolls could be produced in higher quantities.

How are Realistic Baby Dolls Made?

The technology in baby doll industry are making a breakthrough in these few years, these silicone baby dolls have surprised a lot of doll lovers with their refined craftsmanship.

The baby doll we discuss here are not made in huge amounts; every single reborn silicone baby dolls is meticulously crafted from a mould by the artist who focuses primarily on this exceptional skill.

Most of them are made of silicone and vinyl composite materials; this is why they have soft skin that looks and smells just like an actual baby’s skin, not to mention the similar weight of silicone baby dolls.

Eyelashes and hair of them are usually put in place with a needle one by one. They will dress in actual baby clothes once everything is completed by artists.

Why are They So Real?

To make the doll looks like a real baby, it requires a few layers of paint on the vinyl, which means some of the baby dolls comes with a little ‘imperfections’ such as mottled, red patches, etc.

On many occasions the paint is drawn between layers, it can make the final product a lot more durable. Therefore, these real baby dolls can be cleaned by wet clothes. I have seen some reborn baby dolls have as much as 30 layers of paint.

How Much Do Silicone Babies Cost?

Like the majority of artwork, there isn’t any absolute price for these realistic baby dolls; it is determined by the reputation and skill of the artist, and also the quality of the baby doll.

As outlined above, handmade realistic silicone baby dolls are higher in price when compare to the regular one. A top quality customized reborn babies that created by a famous artist may cost a few hundred dollars or even over thousand dollars.

Why are Silicone Reborn Baby Doll So Popular?

There are many good reasons regarding the attractiveness of them. Many people simply delight in collecting baby dolls; Some of them love the artistic and refinement of these kinds of dolls. For some others, these baby dolls may satisfy their inner emotional desires to nurture.

A lot of mothers-to-be use them as a practice subject, for example, bathe a baby, change baby clothes or diaper, etc. In some cases, people who have lost a baby may get a reborn baby to resemble the little one that they lost.

The First Time I Saw These Precious Collections

A few years ago, when I was jogging at the park, the daughter of my neighbor, Sarah (about eleven-year-old), passed by and she was holding a baby.

At the moment, I truly believe it was an actual baby when I said hi to her. When I got closer to her, I surprised that it was a silicone baby doll.

I was shocked but also impressed by the lifelike baby doll. It is entirely different from the one you can found in the toy shop many years ago.

Lifelike Reborn Baby and Psychotherapy

Some of the buyers might treat them like their children. They are treated like a real infant, for example, some people might put them in a baby stroller for walks in the public area.

There is a type of realistic silicone baby that comes with an electronic system to simulate the breathing and heartbeat with the falling and rising of the upper body.

They can be a substitute for the losing of a baby. Although they will never grow up and need no to be fed, they are very useful in some of the therapy; it can positively help in the feelings of loss after a parent loses a baby.

Is it all right for this kind of doll to be used in Psychotherapy for parents who are in the grieving process of losing their child? Does it assist in relaxation? Yes, it could be a great help in some extreme cases.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you plan to purchase one of these cute silicone baby dolls, you have to be ready for hearing a lot of ‘wow!’ and ‘cute!’ each and every time your friends and family see your lovely baby doll.

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